Discoveries at Grakliani Hill Will Change History
22 March, 2015
Discoveries at Grakliani Hill Will Change History
In 2007, during construction of a segment of a Tbilisi-Senaki road near Grakliani Hill, archeologists stumbled upon a unique find. The two months of digging that followed unearthed more than 35,000 priceless pieces. Hundreds of graves and remnants of settlements that date back to VIII century B.C. were found, along with clay pottery, jewelry, household items, weapons and tools made of a variety of metals.

“The skeleton, curled in a fetal shape, had a silver earring drooping down on its

One of the most significant finds features several golden and bronze discs that date back to IV century B.C. According to Vakhtang Licheli, leader of the archeological expedition, they affirm the 3000-year-old existence of Georgian statehood.
Georgian Journal’s reporters attended the archeological dig themselves and became witnesses of several discoveries. Unearthing one of graves revealed a bronze bracelet, while another revealed well-preserved remaius. The skeleton, curled in a fetal shape, had a earring drooping down on its face. The grave, quite apparently, belonged to a noblewoman. A man and a horse are buried next to her. Another unearthed grave has revealed a small bronze disc, covered in gold and decorated with beautiful floral ornaments.

Vakhtang Licheli, archeologist:

Everything points at the local society being quite developed, considering that they acknowledged the power of judicial agreements."

“This disc is a 2,400-year-old item, an insignia that signified its owner’s status. The disc was made locally, which signifies that the society that created it possessed the technology of gilding and engraving. This tradition comes from as far as XVI century B.C. By estimates, the disc’s owner, a 60-year-old man, was a distinguished figure and held an administrative post.
Grakliani Hill has yielded us another amazing discovery: the seals used to stamp judicial documents. Supposedly, they were made in the Mesopotamian city of Uruk. Such seals are extremely rare and are usually displayed by only the most prominent museums, such as the British Museum and the Louvre.
These items are 6,000 years old, predating the development of written language in most parts of the world and used to prove authenticity of certain documents. Supposedly, they were used to regulate trade relations as well. Considering that such seals were found exclusively in Mesopotamia, it is safe to assume that they ended up here as consequence of direct diplomacy or trade. We’ve also unearthed skeletons of people who used these seals. Everything points at the local society being quite developed, considering that they acknowledged the power of judicial agreements.
geotv.geWe’ve also discovered an altar bearing an engraving of a two-headed animal. In antiquity, images and carvings of such animals frequently decorated columns, faces of buildings and pottery, but this one is cut into an altar and is older than any other such depiction found in this region, no less. This discovery alone can challenge and change many historical theories. Everything we have unearthed at Grakliani Hill testifies to existence of a very highly developed society. Here lived tremendously advanced people, both culturally and economically, who had a very active relationship with all nearby hotbeds of civilization such as Mesopotamia, Urartu and Achaemenid Iran. It is apparent that locals had adapted all technological innovations and useful cultural elements that existed at that time as well. One of our most amazing finds is an enormous ritual oven, which is richly decorated and ornamented. This is a truly unique item; no similar thing has ever been found anywhere.”

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