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Malachite of the Caucasus - Exotic Tusheti Reserve
23 July, 2015
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Tusheti that is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia is located in the eastern Caucasus. Tusheti National Reserve was established in 1961 and it belongs to Akhmeta municipality. The reserve covers 12627,2 hectares of land. The mission of its creation was to protect and preserve the biodiversity, rare and endangered animal as well as endemic plant species.

The forests of Tusheti Protected landscape stand out with the diversity of species and specific bio-ecological
relicts. Its forests rich with various plants and trees prevent avalanche and erosion in the area. Tusheti landscape is the habitat of wild goat, Caucasian capra (that is listed among endangered species), chamois, wolf, Eurasian lynx and bear. As for the birds, one will find there falcon and golden eagle.
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