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Saguramo Reserve – Rare Caucasian red deer habitat
27 July, 2015
Saguramo State Reserve is located on Saguramo Range, 25 kilometers away from Tbilisi and is included in the city’s green zone.The reserve was established in 1946 and it is stretches over 5241 hectares. Saguramo Reserve is bordered by the forests of the National Park. The border of the lower protected landscape is at 600 meters altitude and the upper is 1393. The territory is mostly covered by forest. The most widespread types of trees and plants are: beech, hornbeam, oak,
elm, maple and panta (wild sort of pear).

In Saguramo’s range, in eastern Georgia, one may find: cranberries, Colchis ivy, boxwood, yew, clematis and wild vine. As for the animals, the area is habitat for Caucasian red deer, roe, bear- in small amounts, fox, lynx, wild cat, wolf, jackal and various types of birds. In addition leopard can be found there as well.
Caucasian red deer

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