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Wedding in the mountains of Georgia - Amazing photos by foreign couple in Kazbegi
22 September, 2015
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What is important for a good wedding? Of course beautiful photos that will depict the happiest day in your life. In this case, Georgia is the right place to celebrate unforgettable wedding and at the same time take amazing photos in the nature’s lap. Georgia offers various distinct and stunning landscapes that will serve as a perfect decoration for one’s wedding photos. A lovely couple of Busa and Atuka chose Kazbegi, a historical town in Georgia’s
north-eastern region, for their photo session in spring of 2015. Yet besides good scenery having professional photographer is equally essential. Thanks to the foreign photographer couple of Alex Gukalov and Anna Belous who are famous for their extraordinary wedding photos, the shooting came out successful. Here we present the beautiful gallery. The husband and wife team of photographers published these wonderful images with following inscription: “Better than mountains can only be a wedding in the mountains”.
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