My Georgia: This Must Be Seen, at Least Once
05 November, 2015
My Georgia: This Must Be Seen, at Least Once
The photo album “My Georgia” consists of 12 + 1 volumes. Arranged alphabetically, the volumes start with Adjara and end with Abkhazia, with the 13th volume representing Tbilisi. Each volume of the series will be published monthly and sold alongside Kviris Palitra newspaper. The photo albums tell us about the customs and traditions of different parts of Georgia, illustrated with splendid works by well-known masters of photography – Badri Vadachkoria, Irakli Gedenidze and Goga Chanadiri – and novice
photographers. The photo albums may also be used as tourist field guides, since each volume includes, aside from photos, a precise map of the region it is dedicated to. The series are published in Georgian and English languages.

Higher Adjara by Ivane Goliadze
Nestan Maghalashvili, project manager: “Amateur photographers’ works are included in the project ‘My Georgia’ alongside those of professionals. They sent us their photos via Facebook. These albums will be equally interesting for foreigners and Georgians alike because quite often not even we [Georgians] can fully explore our native land. Moreover, these albums will be financially affordable and thus a good gift for readers.”

The Goderdzi Pass by Badri Vadachkoria
Badri Vadachkoria, photographer: “I’m the author of fourteen photographic albums, published by international studios and publishing houses. They are rather expensive and I wanted to think of something that would be easily accessible to people.”

View of the city: The Alphabet Tower, Sheraton Batumi and the House of Justice by Badri Vadachkoria
Petra Fortress in Adjara by Badri Vadachkoria
Manana Shekiladze, historian and cartographer: “As far as I know, no other such series about Georgia’s various regions exists. It will serve as a kind of propaganda of our country for tourists, urging them to come and see it and then take the albums back with them as souvenirs.

Adjarian pallete: A summer village by Goga Chanadiri
Goga Chanadiri, photographer: “It’s symbolic that the project starts with the Adjara region, since its ethnography – for instance, the mosque built by Laz builders with a decorated door that cannot be found in other parts of Georgia – is most vivid here. I wanted to depict Adjara in a different way – with mosques, streets of Batumi and local highlanders, their portraits and lifestyle, their way of dressing, etc. The book includes the photo of Gonio Fortress takes from above. It was hard for me to part with it, even for such a publication.

Adjarian khachapuri by Kote Iantbelidze

A premium edition, with a gift set of the photo albums, is also being prepared. The price of the albums packaged in a special box will be 400 GEL. This will be available for booking in advance by phone as the number of copies is limited.

Makhuntseti waterfall by Giorgi Nikolava
Author: Tamta Dadesheli
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