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VOGUE: Why Georgia Is the Secret Gem of Europe
03 December, 2015
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"This holiday season, forget the plane ticket to Milan. Cancel Berlin. And don’t bother with London. Instead, head to Georgia, " reports VOGUE.

Here is what the article published by VOGUE says about Georgia and its capital:

"(And we don’t mean hop on a local liner to Atlanta to enjoy a game
of college football and a mint julep.) Georgia also happens to be the name of a tiny Caucasus country that sits under the belly of Russia and borders Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan—a hidden, Black Sea–skirting gem tucked between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

The recommendation to visit is not so random either. The country has been under an international spotlight recently thanks to the Georgian-born designer Demna Gvasalia of Vetements, who is also now the creative director of Balenciaga. And it doesn’t stop at the runway: Georgian cuisine has been making a delectable move to the States. So why not head to the country to see the trove of cool for yourself? Here, the top five reasons why you should book your ticket and explore Tbilisi, Georgia—now.
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