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Tbilisi TV Tower as you have never seen it before
28 December, 2015
Tbilisi TV Tower standing on Mtatsminda (the Holy Mountain) that is the national symbol of the capital can be seen almost from all main districts of the city. The tower is used for communication purposes.

The first TV Tower was built in 1955 and in 1972 it was replaced with the new one while its predecessor was moved to the city of Gori. The present Tbilisi TV Tower is 274.5 m high and stands on a mountain at 719.2 m
above sea level. The symbol of the city is even more attractive when it is illuminated exactly at 17:38 along with the Ferris wheel standing next to it. Watch this beautiful footage by Robbie RG Commercial and see how the Tbilisi TV Tower and whole city look like during the day and at night.

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