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5 Things to Love About Tbilisi, Georgia
25 January, 2016
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"Recently, TPG Contributor Nicholas du Pont visited the city of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia (the country, not the state) where he was pleasantly surprised by the food, wine and gracious hospitality. Here, he shares his top-five things to experience in Tbilisi, should you decide to make your own trek to the heart of the Caucus Mountains", - The points reports.

"The political and cultural capital of Georgia, a small country set between Eastern Europe and
Western Asia, Tbilisi (pronounced “T’buh-leesi”) more than merits a visit (or even a mileage run). Founded in the 5th century, the city offers some fascinating attractions, amazing gastronomic opportunities, gorgeous scenery and beautiful wines. After a recent trip here, these are my recommendations for what not to miss in Tbilisi.
Here we go:

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