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Life in the clouds: Ushguli, highest village in Europe
01 July, 2016
Daily Mail publishes an article about Ushguli, Georgia's highland village. A photographer captured stunning pictures of the Georgian countryside as he made his way to the highest inhabited village in Europe- and then captured incredible pictures of that, too.

Polish-based Rafal Nycz, 30, went on a two-week bike ride with his girlfriend through the beautiful countryside of Georgia, eventually reaching the highest inhabited village in Europe - Ushguli.
The highest point is around 7,190ft above sea level.

The pictures were
taken in the Svaneti region of Georgia, as the couple made their ascent.
In the photo-set stunning mountainous scenery can be seen, along with rustic villages and a traditional Georgian way of life.

In one picture the highest inhabited village in Europe can be seen surrounded by green mountains. There are believed to be around 200 residents, and one school.
Meanwhile, other photos show the couple enjoying the scenery and the mountainous road to the top.
Rafal said: 'Along the way we discovered really great places and met very hospitable people.

'The idea came up to me when I accidently found Aaron Huey's article about Ushguli for National Geographic Magazine. The place seems exceptional and I found it interesting for the next trip.'
Four mini-villages make up Ushguli - Zhibiani (6,900 ft) above sea level, Chvibiani or Chubiani, Chazhashi or Chajashi and Murqmeli.

The Ushguli villages contain buildings that are part of the Unesco Heritage site of Upper Svaneti, with the highest altitude being around 7,910ft above sea level.
Snow covers the area for six months of the year.

The Unesco listing for the Svaneti region reads: 'ln 1991 the whole Svaneti region was designated as a reserve at the request of the general public. Within this area the policy will be to preserve not only individual monuments but also the villages and the landscape as a whole.
'Modern building activities will be regulated and public services and amenities will be organized. A special commission is being set up to coordinate this project.
'The characteristic landscape of Upper Svaneti is formed by small villages, dominated by the church towers and situated on the mountain slopes, with a natural environment of gorges and alpine valleys and a backdrop of snow-covered mountains.
'The most notable feature of the settlements is the abundance of towers, especially in Mestia and the frontier villages, such as Ushguli and Lata li.'

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