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Dashbashi Canyon in Georgia – Paradise on earth
14 July, 2016
Dashbashi Canyon is situated in Georgia’s Tsalka region, 1100-1500 meters above sea level, in Khrami river gorge.

Ecosystems around the canyon are quite poor in plants but the steep slopes inside the canyon, on the contrary, create a micro landscape with its fervent waterfalls and fauna.
The length of the canyon is 8 kilometers, with moderately humid climate and the annual temperature range is quite high. In January, the average temperature here is -4 -6 and in June - +16
Dashbashi Canyon stands out for its natural diversity and beautiful landscapes, which can be seen on these photos. On the slopes of the canyon there are numerous waterfalls and natural as well as man-made caves.

Photo courtesy of Paata Vardanashvili; Agency of Protected Areas

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