Georgia shown from Dutch photographer’s perspective
06 August, 2016
Georgia shown from Dutch photographer’s perspective
Maurice Wolf's first visit to Georgia was in the beginning of the century. He instantly fell in love with the country and since then comes back regularly. He likes the way Georgia is developing and is so inspired that recently decided to put together a photo book on the country. The photographer's captivating images depict Georgia, its landscapes, culture and the lifestyle of local people. Maurice's photos are incredible and each of them carry a deep meaning. Check out the
gallery below. 

Foreign photographer shares his impressions on Georgia:

"It is difficult for me to talk about my first impressions on Georgia because it was very long ago. My first visit here was in 2000 and I had an impression that a big wall was dividing this country from the civilized world.
That was the time when the first McDonalds was opened in Tbilisi and it was a little weird because in the west you see these little cafes at every corner. Many things looked strange back then.

Here many things were different from what you could see in other countries. There was no permanent electricity or water supply. When me and my friends were going somewhere by car, we were stopped by police every kilometer and they all wanted some money to let us go peacefully. Today there is nothing like that in Georgia.

One more strange thing for me is the Georgian cuisine. It does not look like the kitchens of Europe or Asia and one dish can taste differently every time. My favorites are Lobio (bean soup), Pkhali (spinach salad) and Satsivi (turkey in walnut sauce).

I spend a lot of time in Georgia. I have many projects here and this country attracts me from a photographical point of view. The nature amazes me most of all. There are wonderful landscapes and views.

I would like to emphasize Tusheti (Georgia’s northeastern highland) – this is a completely different world. I have just returned from there and it is beautiful. It is a wild land and sometimes it looks like the civilization has never been introduced there. Everything looks like you suddenly traveled in time and are now in the past.
Sheep Drive
I was most of all impressed by the so-called ‘travellin of sheep’. It turned out that in order for the animals not to freeze to death, they are all moved to the neighboring region of Kakheti. Inhabitants of Tusheti have been doing it for centuries up to present.

Moreover, I am also impressed by the diversity of this country. You drive for one or two hours to the west from Tbilisi and you find yourself in a completely different natural environment than if you drove to the north, south or east. Everything changes – the climate, the nature, and people. This is incredible.

I also love to visit the Vashvlovani National Park. It is a wonderful place that does not look like any other. It is a real semi-desert in all its glory, tough Georgia in rich in forests and lakes", - Maurice says.
Typical old- style house in Tbilisi
Caucasian Shepherd
Church. Gelati, Georgia
Girl. Tusheti, Georgia
Sunday afternoon in Tbilisi
Monk. Martvili, Georgia
Building. Tbilisi
Old Georgian wooden house Oda
Natia Panjikidze
Sheep. Tusheti, Georgia
Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). Georgia

View more photos by Maurice Wolf here

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