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Kazbegi - Create your own adventure
06 September, 2016
Before heading to Kazbegi, Georgia’s beautiful mountainous town, also known as Stepantsminda, don’t forget to plan your route ahead, for there are plenty of things to see and you should not miss anything. My boyfriend and I selected few places and visited Sno village, Achkhoti village, Toti Waterfall, Sioni vill
age and, of course, Gergeti Trinity Church dating back to 14th century. Also, keep in mind, that in a few hours after departing from Tbilisi, you will have to put on a jacket or some warm clothes and as soon as it gets dark you will start looking for wood to make a fire. Luckily, the latter one did not pose a big obstacle, since one of the inhabitants of Sno village, had already gathered some wood for the tourists at the bank of the river, near the camping area. He was so surprised when we asked him if we could use this wood for making fire and in response he said that he had gathered this wood particularly for tourists and visitors who come here. Nature, hospitable people, plenty of interesting details that create a real heaven for the photographers. This is what Kazbegi is.
Toti Waterfall
Tower in Sno village
Zhinvali Dam
Toti Waterfall
Kazbegi/ Stepantsminda
Toti Waterfall
Gergeti Trinity Church and Kazbegi Mount
Gergeti Trinity Church
Moon captured from Sno village

Story by Natia Khutsishvili

Photos by Giorgi Dvalidze

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