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Foreign teacher who prefers living in Tbilisi to living to New York
27 September, 2016
Meet Christopher Manning, a travel enthusiast from America, who used to teach English for 2 years in Georgia’s eastern town of Kvareli within the framework of project named Teach and Learn with Georgia. The foreign teacher fell in love with Georgia to such extent that learned the language and preferred to st
ay in Tbilisi to going back to New York.

Here is what Christopher says in the interview with one of the news agencies:

“After traveling on my own for a period of 6 months, I was eager to immediately get back out and go on another adventure, only this time I wanted to live in a country, as opposed to just traveling through it. I had a few friends who were teaching abroad at the time in both South Korea and Japan, so I decided I would also give that a try. South Korea was my primary place of interest, since I had befriended numerous Koreans at my university and had even begun learning some Korean. I applied to a teaching program via the help of Reach to Teach, though, unfortunately,it didn't pan out. However, they were still very helpful and gave me 3 suggestions of places to teach, one of which was Georgia. I was very intrigued about Georgia since I didn't know anything about it,save for the fact that it was a country. Already an avid language learner at the time, Georgian was unlike any other language I had encountered, especially because of its unique script, near-impossible letters to pronounce and consonant clusters. It was one of the main reasons I ultimately decided to live and work here.
In comparison with New York that sits on several islands in the ocean, Tbilisi is surrounded with mountains. It is graced with magnificent beauty. I often looked and enjoyed the views of Tbilisi: Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain), Narikala Fortress, Methekhi Fortress built on the hill that overlooks Mtkvari River, the landscape of old city, a number of historical buildings, old narrow streets leading to Italian style Tbilisi courtyards, the balconies with exquisite patterns and abstract windows. This scenery would not leave anyone unimpressed.

I think Georgian is quite a difficult language, for it is unique and does not have any analogue; it does not look like any other language. Yet, if you have strong will and time, it is not impossible to learn it. When I was teaching at school in Kvareli, I lived with a local family and as a result, very soon I started communicating with them only in Georgian”, - Christopher says.
“Georgia boasts plenty of striking places, yet I would single out Khevsureti and Svaneti (mountainous regions of Georgia). I often go there for hiking and simply enjoy the beauty these places are graced with. As for Tbilisi, here I feel so comfortable and free. The thing I like about living in Tbilisi is that I can go out in the nature during the day and in the evening I’m already home. In New York we also have beautiful nature, yet it takes too long to get there, whereas here is everything at hand. In Tbilisi you can simply go to Mtatsminda and you are already in the forest”, - The foreign teacher remarked.

Photos credit to Levan Avlabreli


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