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Million worth views from Tbilisi luxury hotels
02 May, 2017
Along with the development of tourism in Georgia, the number of high-class hotels is increasing. In this story you can see by yourself what luxury hotels offer their guests.

There are only 108 rooms in Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, out of which two are presidential apartments (3rd and 6th floors).

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi is a completely new part of the city, located at the Tbilisi Sea territory. There are 246 rooms in the hotel, including 8 "Club Deluxe" rooms.
In two months there will be 2 premier suites added too and they will be the most expensive ones.

As for Tbilisi Biltmore, the hotel includes 214 rooms, including a Royal Apartment on the 32nd floor.

The prices vary according to the season of the year and other factors.

By Narita Chkhaidze
Editing: Gio Kusiani

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