Georgia's two petrol stations named among World’s Best 10
31 May, 2017
Georgia's two petrol stations named among World’s Best 10
Gas stations are among the least celebrated works of architecture. However, London-based architecture website DesignCurial has been surveying petrol stations over the last three years and has ranked the world’s 10 best, Georgia’s seaside city Batumi’s and Gori's gas stations
named among them.

” Road trips are never far from dull. From beautiful scenery to open road, the adventurous spirit to petrol stations. Yes, good ol’ filling stations, but not all have to be as boring as you imagine. Think
saunas, hotel rooms, bottled-lined windows, quality restaurants and bespoke art.

With architecture and design in mind we have examined hundreds of entries from around the world and narrowed the world’s 10 best filling stations. We awarded these building masterpieces for their remarkable design, innovation and the structure’s relationship with its surroundings. These are the petrol stations worth pulling over for...

Batumi Petrol Station, Georgia
: Batumi, Georgia

Architect: Giorgi Khmaladze (Khmaladze Architects)

Completed: 2013

Perhaps one of the more impressive designs as far as petrol stations go, Khmaladze Architects has created a balanced environment for this gas station and food stop.

Giorgi Khmaladze and his eponymous practice have hit the nail on the head for style, function and efficiency. The building and vehicle area have been designed to take up the smallest footprint possible to provide a larger recreation area for the city.

The spectacular exterior features two very different facades - one of tinted windows and geometric beams exceeds expectations of the common place McDonald's food chain. The other features a large white overhang, sheltering the gas pumps, and also has the geometric style for continuity.

Completed in 2013, the rest stop covers 1,200sq m, which also includes a reflective pool outside the restaurant.
The eye-catching gas station is tailored to fit all needs with gas pumps and store on one side and a dining area with indoor and outdoor seating on the other. This way the two services remain separate, allowing diners to enjoy a meal without having to view people filling up their cars.”
Wissol Gas Station

: Gori, Georgia

Architect: J. Mayer. H

Completed: 2009
This intriguing gas station was part of a highway project commissioned by the head of the Roads Department of Georgia where J. MAYER. H Architects was to design 20 rest stops.

The highway, built in 2009, runs through Georgia connecting the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey.

The Wissol gas station on Highway Gori was one of the two rest stops to first be completed in 2011.

Its undulating design is built from steel and concrete where no concrete was prefabricated, it was constructed on-site.

The total floor area of the gas station is 2,000sq m. Glass windows have been incorporated into the concrete facades, allowing light in and revealing the green and mountainous landscape.

As for other countries:

Rest Area Niemenharju, Finland

POPS Arcadia Route 66, US

NP Gas Station, Spain

Orival Gas Station, Belgium

Esso Mobil Station, UK

365-Fina Europe Service Station, the Netherlands

Helios House, US

Union 76 Beverly Hills

For the full list, follow the link

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