9 amazing must visit waterfalls of Georgia
10 July, 2017
9 amazing must visit waterfalls of Georgia
In hot summer days, everyone seeks a cool and beautiful place to spend holidays or simply to refresh oneself. There are a lot of notable mountain and seaside resorts in Georgia, where one can chill out, but for wild nature enthusiasts and those who need a little bit more extreme, we offer a list of Georgia’s most amazing waterfalls, which will definitely leave you speechless with their unconditional beauty.

Photo courtesy Kakha Mchedlidze

The Legvtakhevi (Tsavkisistskali) Waterfall

The closet place
and the easiest way to cool off is to visit Legvtakhevi canyon with a waterfall, located in the center of old Tbilisi. Legvtakhevi is one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi, mostly famous for its sulfur baths. Name of the district comes from fig trees and it translates to (the gorge of fig trees) as there were many fig trees at that place. The venue is extremely popular with tourists, especially in summer, since the temperature is considerably low. It is noteworthy, that there are sulfur baths (Abanotubani) adjacent to the waterfall, so after sightseeing one can enjoy revitalizing and relaxing bubble baths as well. River „Tsavkisistskali” overflows here from the Botanical Garden creating a waterfall. The combination of the waterfall and high cliffs together make this place one of the the best sites to spend a hot summer day.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Oniore Waterfall and Toba cave

Yet another captivating place is Toba canyon and Oniore Waterfall in Martvili Municipality , Georgia’s Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region. The canyon is located 680 meters above sea level There is an underground river at 70 meters away from the entrance of the cave, where the height of the ceiling is 30 meters. The underground river which comes out of the cave creates 67 meters high Oniore Waterfall.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Abasha Waterfall

Abasha Waterfall is one of the distinguished waterfalls in Georgia, notable for its aesthetic qualities and ecological potential. The waterfall is located at 895 meters above sea level, in the village of Second Balda, Martvili Municipality. River Abasha’s left tributary comes out of the cave and falls down from about 40 meters height. The waterfall creates 12 m diameter hole at the point of fall. Splashes of waterfall often make a fairly beautiful rainbow. The climate around Abasha Waterfall is humid subtropical. Abasha Waterfall creates unique micro-climate in its vicinity that, as a result, contributes to spreading of characteristic flora and fauna.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Mahuntseti Waterfall

Mahuntseti is yet another mesmerizing waterfall in Keda Municipality, Georgia’s seaside Adjara Region. It is located on the north side of the village of upper Mahuntseti, at 335 meters above the sea level, on the right side of the river Adjaristskali. A 50-meter tall waterfall creates a great whirpool, what is very impressive and attracts many visitors. In addition, there are many picnic spots in its vicinity so that one can chill out in the lap of nature.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Okatse Canyon - Kinchkha Waterfall Natural Monument

Kinchkha is one of tallest and most beautiful waterfalls of Georgia. The Okatse Canyon is located at 843 meters above sea level, Khoni municipality. The natural monument represents combination of three waterfalls. The height of the first one is approximately 25 m and the second waterfall rises to 70 m.The third waterfall is about 35 m high.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Intsira Waterfall
The waterfall is located in the beautiful canyon of Intsira, in the Tsalenjikha Municipality, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia. In total, the canyon incorporates 40 small and 2 large waterfalls.The main waterfall falls down from 35 meters height and creates an astonishing scenery.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Gveleti Waterfall

Gveleti Waterfall is located in Dariali Gorge, 7 km away from Stepantsminda, a small town in the Kazbegi Municipality, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. The narrow path goes to the waterfall. To cover the last 700-meter distance, it is necessary to leave the car and walk on foot. The waterfall actually consists of two waterfalls, small and big. When ascending the waterfall you will come across lots of wild flowers along the trail. Keep in mind that the walk requires going over a rocky path, yet it is definitely worth trying.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Samtsvera Waterfall

Samtsvera waterfall is located in the canyon of river Dzusa, at 170 meters above sea level, in the village of Kveda Sazano, Zestaponi region. This place is one of the most promising sites in this area, attracting many tourists.

Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

“The drops of Guro”
“The drops of Guro” is as special natural monument located in the mountains of Georgia, more precisely in historical Khevsureti Region. The waterfall is in the Arghuni canyon, where before was a village named Guro. There is a large amount of water in the rocks that has a shape of waterfall. The waterfall is close to the road and in hot weather one can cool off himself with cold water.

Author: Bedisa Dumbadze

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