Beshumi – Paradise at 2000 meters above sea level in Adjara
28 July, 2017
Beshumi – Paradise at 2000 meters above sea level in Adjara
Adjara is well-known region of Georgia with its beautiful sea resorts. Although, the unique summer resort in the highlands of Adjara, Beshumi might be a new discovery for some people.

The resort is a distinctive place among another tourist places in whole region with its beauty and natural wealth.
Photo courtesy Geobatumi

The resort is located in Khulo region, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, 120 km from Batumi and serves as the best place for those
who want to escape the heat and noise of the city.
Photo courtesy Wild Horn

The best combination of alpine and coniferous plants on the resort creates an attractive environment for relaxation and it is the best place for the tourists who enjoy picnics and hiking. Besides, here one can enjoy horse riding and adventure tours.

The resort is rich in drinking and mineral springs, the healing mud, and fresh air full of oxygen, which is the best way to treat chronic respiratory tract infections. The mineral springs that flow at the resort’s territory are also effective for healing digestive system diseases.

From mid-June to the beginning of September, Beshumi hosts thousands of tourists. The resort is especially interesting for the first weekend of August, when the traditional national holiday “Shuamtoba” is held there. A lot of people gather to attend the holiday and see horse racing, exhibitions of folk art felt and wrestling.
Photo courtesy Wild Horn

The most popular places with tourists are the Green Lake and Khikhani Castle.

The Green Lake is located 6 kilometers away from Beshumi. Covered with coniferous plants, the Green Lake is the best place for picnic, camping and Water bicycles.
Photo courtesy Wild Horn

As for the XII-XIII century Khikhani Castle, it is located 16 kilometers away from Beshumi, in the beautiful Khikhadziri Gorge. The gorge is a true paradise for the lovers of adventure, hiking, gastronomic and cultural sights.

The Khikhani Castle, which is called the "Adjarian Olimpo", is considered a trademark of the Khikhadziri Gorge. The castle located at 2220 meters above sea level is a real challenge for those who want to reach it.

Summer season is ideal to visit Beshumi. Leisure, entertainment and travel lovers can spend their vacation at the resort from June to the end of September, until the season is closed and the cottages are covered with snow for several months.
Photo courtesy Imeda Bolqvadze

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