Georgia’s top romantic places
30 August, 2017
Georgia’s top romantic places
Georgia with its gorgeous nature and impressive sights offers a wide variety of romantic opportunities to spend time with your soul mate.

You can find here many breathtaking mountains, beaches, blooming gardens and historic sites. The romantic charm of Georgia always makes hearts flutter.

Here we present list of the hotspots where you and your beloved one can go and enjoy beautiful, romantic days full of love.

A perfect place for a romantic date in Tbilisi would be Mtatsminda.

Mtatsminda (The Holy Mountain) in Tbilisi is a wonderful place to take your second half. As long as it is located on a high mountain, cool and fresh air combined with wonderful nature is guaranteed there.

Mtatsminda has always been a favorite place for couples. Declaration of love and proposal on the holy mountain was very popular even during Soviet times.

You can get there by funicular railway that would carry you up the steep slope. It is better to travel by cable car when the sun goes down or at night, as you will be able to enjoy a stunning view of Tbilisi turned into a sea of light.

By the way, you can visit the amusement park or a local restaurant that will provide you with comfortable environment and delicious food.

Mtatsminda Park or Bombora Park is the highest amusement park in the city. It is located on the top of Mtatsminda Mountain. It truly is one of the favorite and popular getaways for all kind of generations. European standard attractions, beautiful landscape, a number of cafes and restaurants welcome their guests all year round. “Just Married” couples are spotted quite often as well, as Mtatsminda Park also hosts wedding ceremonies in a wedding chapel. Breathtaking views are provided from 80m-high Ferris wheel.
Narikala. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Narikala, an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a favorite place for Georgian and foreigner couples, offering fresh air and stunning views of the scenic old town. Here you can enjoy cozy atmosphere, exceptional views over the ancient city center, Mtkvari River and Methekhi Church and rest your head from city’s noise.

You can get to the top of the medieval fortress on foot or you can take the ropeway from Rike Park which will make your journey more interesting, if you are not afraid of heights.

Spending time in nature is a good way to relax and chill out. If both of you love nature and have time, you can go outside Tbilisi to spend unforgettable days.

Surely, you will find there lovely picnic spots, where you can read a book or just lie down on the grass, breathe in fresh air and listen to the nature’s sounds.

Some of the best locations outside Tbilisi include:
Sighnaghi. Photo courtesy Kakha Mchedlidze

Sighnaghi is a beautiful old city in Kakheti Region (eastern Georgia) that is also known by the name of the City of Love. You can even get married here and then spend a honeymoon weekend in one of its cozy hotels. A wedding house is located in the center of Sighnaghi, in case you decide to exchange wedding vows.

Although it is one of Georgia's smallest towns, Sighnaghi serves as a popular tourist destination due to its location at the heart of Georgia's wine-growing regions, as well as its picturesque landscapes, pastel-colored houses and narrow, cobblestone streets.

Sighnaghi truly is one of the best places for lovers. You will find many cozy spots there that will make your romantic date unforgettable.
Svaneti. Tetnuldi  Peak at night. Photo courtesy Giorgi Liparteliani

If both of you enjoy hiking, you can go to Svaneti, one of the most beautiful historical regions in northwest Georgia. Situated on the southern slopes of the central Caucasus Mountains and surrounded by 3,000–5,000 meter peaks, Svaneti, in particular Ushguli Community, is the highest inhabited area in Europe. It is characterized by snowcapped peaks and deep gorges. What can be more romantic than a date in high mountains, surrounded by typical Svanetian towers which bring you back to the ancient times? Thrilling landscape and views will simply take your breath away.
Lopota Resort. Photo courtesy O. Tsiskarishvili

Lopota Resort is a really perfect place for spending your weekends together. The Lopota Resort is a hotel complex located in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia, 100 km from the capital Tbilisi and 26 km from city of Telavi. The resort offers a recreation zone stretched over one million square meters. The resort boasts a beautiful lake surrounded by eight hotels.

Lopota Resort's adventure center offers its guests wine tours, cultural tours in Kakheti region and other entertainment facilities. This means you can share an adventure together, enjoy breathtaking views, breath fresh air and taste unique Kakhetian wines. The place becomes more impressive in Autumn, when the area is covered with yellow leaves. In case of visiting Lopota Resort with your second half, Romantic weekend is guaranteed!
Batumi. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Batumi is Georgia’s most charming and romantic seaside town, located on the coast of the Black Sea in the country's southwest. Situated in a subtropical zone near the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Batumi is a popular tourist destination known for its varying weather–it is a bustling seaside resort during warm seasons, but can get entirely covered in snow during winter.

If you visit Batumi with your beloved one you will not need many efforts to find romantic environment. You may simply walk at the coast, listen to sea sound and meet sunset with your soul mate. But, if only Batumi coast is not enough for creating a romantic atmosphere for you both, here is the list of the most romantic places in Batumi which you have to visit: Ali and Nino sculpture, Botanical Garden, Ropeway Argo and dancing fountains.
Ali and Nino sculpture. Photo courtesy Geobatumi

Heroes from popular novel by Kurban Said – Ali and Nino are impersonating eternal love. Their love story is perfectly reflected in movable monument – lovers are slowly approaching each other and after temporary dates still separating from each other. Temporary dates of Ali and Nino will definitely impress couples in love.
Batumi Botanical garden. Photo courtesy Geobatumi

While searching for romantic environment do not forget about Batumi Botanical garden. Amazing views of sea and mountains and Ajarian flora will create good mood to you at any time and will bring exotic flavor to your love. The Garden is open from 09:30 until 18:00 and the ticket price is 8 Gel.
Argo ropeway. Photo courtesy Geobatumi

While passing 2586 m ropeway Argo, fascinating views will open in front of you – horizon of distanced sea, Mountain View and Batumi urban views. At highest point you may enjoy Batumi panoramic view with your beloved. Night Batumi offers many pleasant surprises – one of which is dancing fountains which are transformed into theatrical curtain at evening hours. You can enjoy laser show at the background of famous music compositions with your second half.
Kazbegi. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Yet another perfect place for a romantic date is Kazbegi, unbelievably beautiful small town in the Caucasus Mountains.

Stepantsminda (formerly Kazbegi,), is a small town in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia. Historically and ethnographically, the town is part of the Khevi province. It is the center of the Kazbegi Municipality.

Now officially named Stepantsminda, but still commonly known as Kazbegi, is a wonderful place for walking through its rural streets and simultaneously enjoying amazing views of Kazbegi Mount and Gergeti Trinity Church.

Kazbegi Mount is the third highest mountain in Georgia (after Shkhara and Janga) and the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus mountain range. Georgians call the mountain “the white bride.”

Gergeti Trinity Church (Tsminda Sameba - Holy Trinity) and ancient wonders are known as some of the most beautiful and breathtaking places to visit in Georgia, so if you have an opportunity to go there with your loved one, do not miss it out.

Kazbegi. Photo courtesy Peter Fitzgerald

The best time to visit Kazbegi is summer, when nature becomes especially beautiful and everything around is covered with greenery and wild alpine flowers. This little town makes you feel like in a real paradise. You can spend your weekend at stylish Rooms Hotel or simply enjoy dinner or coffee at its terrace with an amazing view of Kazbegi Mount.

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