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Georgia shown through fashion perspective by Elle magazine
06 September, 2017
Elle, world's best- selling fashion magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment, devotes an article to modern Georgia, its landscape fashion industry and promising designers.

As author of the article Tyler Joe says, they could not tell the country's fashion story without Georgia’s breathtaking landscape, as it truly is the framework and trademark of the country.

The article contains amazing images of Georgian f
ashion designs captured in Tbilisi, the capital of the country, as well as in different parts of Georgia. Promising Georgian up-and-comers set against the country's breathtaking landscape create an unforgettable view.

Here is what article says:

Georgia's landscape is its calling card, its framework, and an endless source of inspiration―we couldn't tell the country's fashion story without it. From 16th century fortresses perched above the capital of Tbilisi to the verdant mountains that surround the city in every direction, the scenery feels at once ancient and new. With the help of a DJI Inspire 1 drone, we captured the gorgeous fashion designs of promising Georgian up-and-comers set against the country's breathtaking backdrop.

Rike Park Theatre

Rike Park Theater is a new concert hall located in the center of the city designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. Thanks to its contemporary structure, the theater can be seen from afar.

The model wears Elénny from Georgian designer Elene Giorgadze, whose bright, dramatic clothes are designed for someone who values―and wants to show off―her individualism.
Russia-Georgia Frinedship Monument
The Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument stands at 2,200 meters above the sea and has 360-degree panoramic views over the glacier mountains and waterfalls of higher Caucasus.

The model wears Lara Quint, a brand that celebrates a woman's passionate, free-spirited personality. The Lara Quint woman is intelligent and ambitious, with strong energy, sexuality, and a desire to reveal the authenticity of her inner world.
Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace, built in 2010, connects the old town to Rike Park in the new district. The pedestrian bridge is dotted with 50,000 LED lights that create a remarkable lighting experience at night.

The model wears Mariam Gvasalia's designs, which effortlessly combine metallic fabrics and handmade prints.
Kazbegi (Stepantsminda), 145 kilometers from Tbilisi, is the northern-most point of Georgia, 9 kilometers away from the Russian border. The drive to Kazbegi is stunning, winding through the range of Higher Caucasus mountains, 1,850 meters above the sea.

The model wears Ani Datukishvili, a brand that embodies a mixture of cool downtown style with classical style elements.
Legvtakhevi Canyon
Tbilisi grew out of Abanotubani, the oldest part of the city. Naturally warm sulfur waters shoot up from the volcanic terrain at Abanotubani, which is also known as the bath district.

The model wears ZDDZ, a streetwear label that channels the era of early punk with strong textures, boxy shapes, and bold statements.

You can read full story here.