6 fairy places of Georgia to visit in winter
19 December, 2017
6 fairy places of Georgia to visit in winter
The Georgian highlands are already covered in snow. The winter resorts are gradually opening the season and the ski tracks in Gudauri, Goderdzi, Bakuriani, Mestia-Hatsvali and Tetnuldi are ready to receive tourists.

However, apart from the abovementioned well-known winter resorts, there are a lot more places in Georgia where you will spend unforgettable days.

We present to you the 6 distinguished places in Georgia you must visit in winter.


This village is located in Kazbegi municipality, at 2200 meters above
sea level and it is full with tourists in the summertime. This small village is another pearl of remote Georgia. However, Juta village is equally beautiful in winter, with its snow-covered mountains that create a fairy tale environment. One could hardly believe that this is not a real Swiss alpine, especially when the village and surrounding mountains and valleys are totally snowbound for half a year.
Juta Village is located at 2200 meters above sea level

The views on the way are fantastic. In a root of mountains a beautiful little lake is situated. From village Juta there is about 5k hike to reach mount Chaukhi and the view is worth every step. As you walk towards the Chaukhi Mountain, the views become even more spectacular. There are 2 camping spots on the way, Zeta camping and 5 seasons, where you can chill and taste really good local cuisine.
Juta is one of the best places in Georgia for professional climbing

This place is one of the best in Georgia for professional climbing and also just for sightseeing and tracking. One can walk from Chaukhi rocks by the Roshka Pass to Khevsureti Region, this place is very diverse for different kinds of tours and attractions. The rocks surrounding Juta Valley are perfect for climbing.

Juta is also a great destination if you are not going to hike. You can ride a horse, stay in the local hutor just camp in Juta and enjoy the beauty of the mountains,– listen to the rivers flow, take photos, or arrange a party with your friends in Zeta camping and so on.
Juta village is especially beautiful in winter

Juta is the best place to spend unforgettable winter holidays with your family and loved ones and to escape city’s bustle in the Caucasus mountains. This small village can really change your opinion about beauty, because it looks more like a painting or fairytale then the typical mountainous village.

Unfortunately, Juta is almost completely devoid of permanent population. According to the 2014 census, the number of residents is only 26. So if you are a lover of wild and relatively untapped nature, then head to the place.

Martkopi Monastery

In a several dozen kilometers from Tbilisi, a monastery founded by father Anton of Martkopi, one of the 13 Assyrian fathers in the 6th century is to be found.

The monastery itself is situated on the most beautiful forest-covered slope of Mount Ialno, Gardabani municipality, near the village of Martkopi. Martkopi Monastery represents one of the most incredibly beautiful sights in winter.

In early days the monastery was functional until 1934, when the Communists abolished it. In the 1950s and 1960s a shelter for homeless children was opened here and then the building was turned into a resting house for the Aviation Plant # 31 in Tbilisi. The monastery life was restored by the blessing of Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II in 1989.
Martkopi Monastery represents one of the most incredibly beautiful sights in winter

The most tragic moment in the history of the monastery was the night of 26 August, 1918, when the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Kirion II was murdered here by the Bolsheviks.

The most sacred place in the monastery is the tomb of Saint Anton of Martkopi, which has been preserved to this day. East of the monastery there is a tower where evidently resided the saint.

Shaori reservoir (Shaori Lake)

Shaori Reservoir (also called Shaori Lake or simply Shaori) represents one of the most distinguished beauties of Georgia. The lake and its surrounding nature create magnificent scenery. It is located in the Ambrolauri municipality of Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo(Lower) Svaneti Region, which is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia.

On the way to Racha this incredible scenery will definitely drag your attention. It attracts lots of tourists each year and in the social network you will often see the amazing photos of this place that is characterized by the beautiful nature all year round. Moreover, it is a very good place for camping and hiking.
Shaori lake and its surrounding nature create magnificent scenery

In winter, plateaus of high mountains turn Shaori into a fairytale winter resort. During winter season, the area becomes even more beautiful. Water freezes and one can enjoy the magical snowcovered marvels.

The area is characterized with mild mountain climate, in winter there is usually high and long lasting snow cover, mean temperature in January -4,2 degrees centigrade, summer cool with long swings of day and night temperature, mean temperature in July (the hottest month) 17,5 degrees centigrade.
In winter, plateaus of high mountains turn Shaori into a fairytale winter resort

The length of the Shaori reservoir is 7.1 km, and the largest width is 2.7 km. The deepest point is 14.5 meters, the average depth is 9,8 meters, the area is 9,2 square meters. The volume of water is 90,6 mln.

Khulo Municipality

Holidaymakers mainly visit Adjara Region of western Georgia during summertime, but there are many other beautiful places in this region. In addition to the mountain ski resort Goderdzi, in winter there is a beautiful place called Khulo, which one should definitely visit.
Khulo Municipality is located at 923 m above sea level

It is located in the Adjaristskali valley, on the Akhaltsikhe-Batumi road, 923 m above sea level, 88 km from Batumi. The name "Khulo" is the old form of "Khula", which means trading house. As it is known, in the Middle Ages, there was a trade route in Khulo that linked Samtskhe-Javakheti to the Black Sea coast.

It is home to medieval historical monuments such as Khikhani Fortress dating back to 10th century. On the way to Khikhani fortress there is an active Monastery of Skhalta cathedral (13th century).
In the Middle Ages, there was a trade route in Khulo

Besides historical monuments there are many other interesting tourist sites in Khulo district such as Beshumi Resort and Green Lake located near Goderdzi pass as well as Khulo cable cars which are used for daily means of transportation by the locals from Khulo to Tago village.


If you want to see a completely different beauty and get acquainted with the centuries-old culture of Georgia, you should definitely pay a visit to Svaneti, historical area and one of the most beautiful Georgian regions located in northwestern part of the country.
Mestia, the capital of Svaneti and touristic center in the region, is especially charming in winter
Mestia is notable for number of medieval monuments

It is relatively small town counting around 2,600 inhabitants, but it is the main service center for the Svaneti Region and is equipped with modern infrastructure.

The capital of Upper Svaneti, Mestia, is a conglomeration of at least 10 hamlets, dotted with picturesque Svan towers. Apart from breathtaking landscape and high mountains the town is notable for number of medieval monuments, such as churches and towers that are included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This remote and magic Georgian land seems even more fairy when it is covered with snow.
The towers of Mestia are included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mestia is home to the one of the most important monuments of Georgian architecture and ethnography. The secular, religious and defense facilities of middle ages are very well preserved here. Among the religious buildings, it is worth mentioning the following ones: the two-storied church (XIII-XIV cc) of the Savior (Matskvari), walls of which are decorated with painted murals and Mother of God church (Lamaria).


If you want to feel the real magic of highlands face to face with nature and conquer narrow mountain trails over steep cliffs, then your way should lead straight to Tusheti, amazing mountainous region in northeastern Georgia.
Tusheti is an amazing mountainous region in northeastern Georgia

Tusheti is must see winter “wonderland” of Georgia. This highland region is located in the north-eastern part of the country. Its area is 896 square kilometers and it is administered by Akhmeta Municipality. Because it is located at 1650-4493 meters above sea level, the average temperature in January-February is 3-8 degrees here, and the snow lasts up to 5-6 months.
Tusheti is must see winter “wonderland” of Georgia

The entire territory of Tusheti consists of 10 villages. The village Omalo, considered as the center of Tusheti, is most frequently visited place by local and foreign tourists.
Tusheti is graced with mesmerizing nature and historical fortifications that captivates visitors

Photo: Soso Mamniashvili; Roman Tolordava; Giorgi Nikolava; Goga Chanadiri

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