Top 10 magical lakes to visit in Georgia
16 May, 2018
Top 10 magical lakes to visit in Georgia
Summer is approaching, and everyone seeks for the places to chill out in the lap of nature far from the city noise and pollution. As it is widely known, Georgia is distinguished by its unique nature and breathtaking landscapes which will definitely leave you impressed.

Georgia has a lot to offer to the travelers during hot summer season. The country boasts huge variety
of the spectacular mountains, rivers, waterfalls and lakes that create cool environment and provide unforgettable holidays full of adventures.

Georgia is rich in water resources. There are approximately 26 060 rivers and 840 lakes in the country.

This time, we present 10 most gorgeous lakes of Georgia that are distinguished for their beauty and features:

Ritsa Lake

The deepest lake in the country (116 m), located in the north-western part of Abkhazia, the breakaway region of Georgia, surrounded by mixed mountain forests and subalpine meadows. Its water is cold and clear. Mountains with heights of 2,200 to 3,500 m surround the lake.
Ritsa Lake

Green Lake

It is located in the mountainous Adjara Region, in the country's southwestern corner, Khulo municipality. The lake is located at the elevation of at 2 200 meters above sea level. It has a green color due to which it is called green lake.
Green Lake

The lake, known for its beauty, is a popular attraction for local and foreign tourists alike. Its attractiveness is enhanced by its location in the midst of massive mountains, surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests alike. Its waters are crystal clear, giving the place a tranquil appearance.
Green Lake is known for its beauty

Paliastomi Lake

A beautiful small lake near the city of Poti, located on the eastern Black Sea coast in the region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti in the west of the country. The lake is connected to the Black Sea by a narrow channel. Its surface area is 17.3 suare meters and the mean depth is 2.6 m. It is noteworthy that some ancient pieces of Colchis have been found in the vicinity and inside the lake by archaeologists. It is also an important fishery site.
Paliastomi Lake

The lake is included within the boundaries of the Kolkheti National Park.

The lake is attached to the river Pichori, which is very popular with the tourists as they love boating on it.
Paliastomi Lake. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Tobavarchkhil Lake

The Silver Lake located at 2500-2650m above sea level, in Samegrelo Region of western Georgia. It is one of the most impressive treks what you can try in Georgia.

The lake is situated on the top of the high mountains. The way to the lake is quite long, but even the most exhausted travelers forget about their fatigue when they see this mystical and magic lake.
Tobavarchkhil Lake

The best period for traveling starts from mid-July and lasts until mid-September because of the most pleasant weather and lowest rainfall.

There is no fish in this lake, but its unique beauty captivates the travelers.
Tobavarchkhili Lake. Photo courtesy FB/Virtual Tourist

Paravani Lake

This volcanic-tectonic lake is located in the south of Georgia, Javakheti, Ninotsminda district.

It is the largest lake in Georgia. While hiking one can enjoy the mystical view of Samsari Mountains in the background.
Paravani Lake. Photo courtesy  FB/Diverse Georgia

Paravani Lake is located 2,073 m (6,801 ft) above sea level .Its maximum and average depths are 3.3 m (11 ft) and 2.2 m (7 ft 3 in) respectively. The water level is low during October and November and is high during May and June. The lake is frozen during wintertime and represents an unforgettable sight even in this condition.

Tabatskhuri Lake is located on the border of Borjomi and Akhalkalaki at the elevation of 1991 m above sea level. Its maximum and average depths are 40,2 m and 15, 5 m. Water level is low in February and high in June. The lake is frozen from late December until the end of March.
Paravani Lake. Photo courtesy Lasha Gabelia

Levani Lake

Levani Lake is a glacial lake located in Javakheti, at Samsari Range. Its maximum depth is 2,8 m. This beautiful small lake gets the water from rain, snow and underground waters. The water is weakly mineralized, clean and transparent.
Levani Lake

Bateti Lake

Bateti Lake is a landslide lake in Kartli Region, central-to-eastern Georgia, Kareli municipality, in the gorge of river Dzama. The lake is located at the elevation of 1313 m above sea level.
Bateti Lake. Paravani Lake. Photo courtesy FB/Diverse Georgia

Bateti Lake looks picturesque during autumn, when surrounding mountains are covered with motley colors.

It is one of the most popular and easily accessible places for hiking,. The area is a popular place for camping. The lake preserves its amazing beauty during allyear round.
Bateti Lake is especially beautiful during fall

Colorful Lakes of Abudelauri

These amazingly beautiful little lakes are located in Dusheti municipality in eastern Georgia.

Abudelauri’s colorful lakes come from glaciers. There are three: a green, a white and a blue lake, which aren’t located far from each other. There are no fish in these lakes. The most distinguished amongst these is the blue one. From three sides the lakes are surrounded by the mountains, making the scene even more spectacular.
Blue Lake of Abudelauri. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

These magical lakes belong to the land far away from civilization, hidden from the outside world. Nowhere else in Georgia will you find a place which feels so mysterious, unique and magical—a place where ancient pagan traditions have endured centuries.
Green Lake of Abudelauri. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Long Lake

Long Lake (Grdzeli Tba in Georgian) - This glacial lake it is located in Kakheti Region of eastern Georgia, Lagodekhi municipality, at the elevation of 2784 m. It’s maximum depth is 11,9 m. This attractive small lake is fed by the rainfall, snow and underground waters.
Long Lake

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