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The second largest ropeway in Europe is in Georgia
23 July, 2018
The main transportation system for the population of Tago a village in the municipality of Khulo, is a ropeway. This ropeway is the second largest in Europe, and has no support structure. The length of the ropeway is 1719metres, and its height 280 metres.

The ropeway connects Khuloand Tago. According to the locals, the village would be abandoned if it were not for the roepway, because the only access road to the village was damaged and only two cars can move
along it at any one time. The situation is even more difficult in winter. When it snows, it is almost impossible to drive straight on the road.
Ropeway in Tago Khulo, Photo courtesy:

The cost of travel on the ropeway is 20 Tetri. This ropeway is used not only by people but also used for moving domestic animals. In this way the whole village benefits financially and in terms of time.
The ropeway has now attracted the attention of tourists.

However, because it is a bit old, many visitors are afraid of using it. But, the man in charge says that the ropeway is safe and works fine.

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