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A typical day for Georgian shepherds in Gudauri
26 July, 2018
A car journey through Georgia has led to a remote nook, in the mountains, where shepherds graze herds of sheep, make cheese and enjoy every moment of their lives. Their life is simple but it requires lots of hardwork. They have to wake up early, herd the sheep, milk them and the routine is the same even if the weather is bad…

As the shepherds say in the video,
they milk the sheep every day and make cheese. It appears that the business is beneficial. They make 8 tonnes of cheese and expect to get GEL 5000 for that.

It is worth to mention, that not every shepherd in the video is Georgian, some of them are Azerbaijanis. They also arrive in Georgia as shepherds to work here.

The video shows how shepherds live in Gudauri, one of the ski resorts in Georgia.

Enjoy the video!

Video - Arkasha Ezhov.

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