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Unique archaeological discovery in Tetritskaro, Georgia
03 August, 2018
Unique archaeological artifacts have recently been discovered in the municipality of Tetritskaro, on the site of the former city of Samshvilde. A box full of coins was found inside a storeroom. Apart from coins, there were copper bars and sheets. This metal was destined to make coins, and indicates that there would have been a mint operating here.

Davit Berikashvili is Head of the excavation site and will hold a conference in December about the results of his team’s work.
Coins and
other treasure from Samshvilde

The information was disclosed on the official Facebook page of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia.

Archaeological excavations are managed by the Agency and the University of Georgia. It is the sixth excavation since excavations began. Apart from the box full of treasure mentioned above, there were other remains found namely, of architectural buildings and cultural layers.
Remains of a pot from Samshvilde

According to the specialists, the treasure might date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The coins were minted during the reign of the Georgian Kings Giorgi III and Lasha-Giorgi. One coin bears an inscription that indicates that it would have been minted during the reign of King Tamar.

Archaeological excavations were launched in 2013. Apart from excavations, Kartu Foundation has funded the preservation and restoration work of two churches, located in the same area. One of them is named after St. George, and the other one is called The Palace Church. Other scientific studies are proceeding as well.
Skeleton found in Samshvilde

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