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Swords discovered at Lado Gudiashvili Square in Tbilisi
13 August, 2018
The renovation of Lado Gudiashvili Square (in the old part of Tbilisi) is presently in progress. The process is under archeological monitoring. It is part of the project “New Tbilisi” set up by Tbilisi City Hall and the Tbilisi Development Fund. The project aims to renovate old parts of the capital and preserve cultural discoveries. The project is scheduled to finish in 2019. 50 million GEL have been allocated for the works.
Swords discovered at Gudiashvili Square, Photo courtesy:

June, Qvevris (large earthenware vessels) were discovered in the area. Qvevris had different kinds of jugs inside. They probably date back to 17th-18thcenturies. The artefacts appear to be linked to a residence in the square as a seal on a jug discovered inside the residence is the same as those found on the Qvevris. On the seal is depicted the face of a bearded man randomly dubbed as “Tbiliseli” (Tbilisi resident).
Qvevris and jugs discovered at Gudiashvili Square, Photo courtesy:

Recently, two more historical artefacts have been discovered in the same area. Swords have been delivered to the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation in order to identify their origin and date.
Swords discovered at Gudiashvili Square, Photo courtesy:

Owing to the discoveries at this location, the project has been changed in some ways. The square may turn into a kind of museum for visitors housing various historical artefacts.

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