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50 photos of Tbilisi from a Polish blogger
30 August, 2018
Kamila Napora (Kami) is a blogger from Poland who balances her full-time job with extensive travels all over the world. She adores discovering off the beaten track places (especially in Central Europe) and exploring alternative spots, street art scenes and local cafe culture. She has recently published 50 pictures of Tbilisi that will make you want to visit Georgia.

Kami writes that she first visited Tbilisi in the autumn of 2011, way before low cost flights started arriving in Georgia.

was freaking out before the trip as it was the first time that I had set out to explore a land unknown to me and that not many others had heard of either.”

She still remembers her first impressions very well: “ I didn’t have any local money or change to buy myself a bus ticket from the airport to the city but a friendly local man took pity on me and bought one for me, just like that; how on a beautiful Sunday morning I was walking across the empty city, all the way from the train station to the old town (some 5 kms), falling in love with it with every single step; how my breath was taken away by the view from the Narikala fortress, with the whole city spreading in front of me, so much more spectacular than on other Tbilisi pictures I had seen before ; how much joy I had exploring the hidden yards in the Old Tbilisi – a part of the city that could as well a museum, it’s so beautiful!”

Because of the overwhelming impressions, instead of the planned 2-3 days, she stayed a week in Tbilisi, before heading to Batumi, also doing other day trips around and about but always itching to return to the capital. It was pretty obvious Tbilisi was one of her all time favorite places.

Since her first visit, Kami has returned to Tbilisi numerous times after this . Every time she arrives in Tbilisi, she feels a pure joy in her heart. This is a happy place; the one Kami knows fairly well by now yet still keeps returning to.

In order to show you why she likes this city so much, Kami has decided to publish the photos she has taken during her numerous visits between 2011 and 2016.

“If you are observant enough you will see how much the city has changed. And who knows, maybe they will make you want to visit Tbilisi too?” – She writes.
Metekhi St. Virgin Church
Tbilisi architecture
Tbilisi art nouveau
Bambis Rigi Street
Bank of Georgia headquarters – the gem of brutalism architecture
Tbilisi Baths
View on the Baths of Tbilisi
Baths in Old Tbilisi
Inside Upper Betlemi Church
Peace Bridge
Tbilisi cafes
Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral
Tbilisi Cathedral
Tbilisi corners
The CouchSurfing house Kami stayed at
Flea market at Dry Bridge
Another house where Kami stayed at
Europe Square and Presidential Palace
Old Tbilisi
View from Narikala Fortress
Along river Kura
Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater
Old and modern Tbilisi
Mother Georgia
Old Tbilisi and Narikala Fortress
Narikala Fortress
Tbilisi by night
Old Tbilisi
Part of Old Tbilisi
Mix of styles in Old Tbilsi
Old Tbilisi
View of Old Tbilisi
Erekle II street / Sergei Parajanov Monument
Peace Bridge
View on Tbilisi
Vake Park
View of Vake Park
Decorative tree and streets of Tbilisi
Tbilisi at Night
Tbilisi architecture
View on Tbilisi
Mother Georgia and Old Tbilisi
Inside Old Tbilisi house
Tbilisi street art
Streets of Tbilisi
Tbilisi Synagogue
Old Tbilisi Streets
Old Tbilisi and Narikala

Source: 50 Tbilisi pictures that will make you want to visit Georgia

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