Keti Matabeli – One of the most interesting Georgian painters
13 October, 2018
Keti Matabeli – One of the most interesting Georgian painters
Keti Matabeli is a Georgian painter. Her interesting works fascinate people all over the world. Keti creates folios through different kinds of materials. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art in Georgia. She has decorated books such as “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” by Shota Rustaveli (a medieval Georgian epic poem), William Shakespeare’s works, Galaktion Tabidze’s poems, etc. Her paintings also reflect the works of the famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani.

Religious scenes
Adam and Eve, Photo courtesy:
Christmas Day, Photo courtesy:
St. George, Photo courtesy:

Inspired by love, Keti started painting at the age of 12-13. At first, she was interested in portraits. Her mother was painting very well but due to the marriage, she could not continue her studies at the academy. Her father was a doctor. Keti had never thought about becoming a doctor. She tries to employ old things, papers and materials in her work.

The exhibition of her art works have been displayed in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Holland, the USA and Israel. Her folios have been spread all over the world. Not only individual collectors such as George Bush, the pope and the ecumenical Patriarch possess Keti Matabeli’s paintings but also international galleries, banks and museums.

“Niko Pirosmani Motifs”
Photo courtesy:

Keti Matabeli is married to a Georgian painter Gia Gugushvili. He is the rector of Tbilisi State Academy of Art in Georgia. His paintings are kept in Georgian as well as international museums and galleries. They have three children.

Gia Gugushvili’s paintings

Venice, Photo courtesy:

A musician, Photo courtesy:

First photo courtesy:

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