Royal palaces in Georgia - Part 1
17 October, 2018
Royal palaces in Georgia - Part 1
Georgia, a small country in the south Caucasus, has a long-standing history. Georgian kings and queens used to live in royal residences. There are various royal palaces in different regions of the country. Early buildings of the Georgian palaces were similar to a castle and a fortress. Unfortunately, due to ill times and wars neighbors used to have with Georgia, many of the palaces were destroyed. The majority of the Georgian royal treasure and jewelry are believed to be lost. Part
of the treasure was taken outside the country by Bolsheviks at the beginning of the 20th century. They used these resources to finance their allies in the Soviet countries.

Dadiani Palace in Samegrelo, where belongings of Napoleon Bonaparte are kept

One of the most famous royal palaces in Georgia is located in Samegrelo, the west part of Georgia. Dadiani Palace was founded by the ruler of Samegrelo Levan II Dadiani (16-17th century). It served as the residence of successive Dadiani rulers. The palace includes the Queen’s Palace, the Prince’s Palace, the Botanical Gardens and the Kari Church (the first stone church in the region). The Palaces provide a museum and library which preserve the monuments of cultural heritage including the Holy vesture of the Virgin Mary and objects related to the Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte. The palace complex is considered to be one of the most attractive monuments in Georgia.
Dadiani Palace, Photo courtesy:

Geguti Palace in Imereti

Another important palace of the country is Geguti. It is located near Kutaisi (in Imereti, west part of Georgia) which served as a capital of the Georgian kingdom in the middle ages. The main construction of the palace was commissioned by Giorgi III (12th century). The palace is the very place where the king announced her daughter Queen Tamar as a co-regent. When the kingdom of Georgia was broken into independent states (15th century), Geguti became the residence of the Imeretian Kings. Unfortunately, the palace was gradually collapsed due to invasions. Under the Russian empire, the parts of the palace were used for the construction of other buildings in Kutaisi. The artifacts discovered in the ruins of the palace are preserved at the Georgian National Museum.
The ruins of the Geguti Palace and its reconstruction, Photo courtesy:

The Royal Palace in Tbilisi

According to the old manuscripts, there was a royal palace in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The palace was located in Isani, the old part of Tbilisi. It dates back to the 12th century. The palace was constructed at the rocky bank of the river Mtkvari next to Metekhi church. Its halls were decorated by the scenes of Georgian military history. The palace included a dining hall, a resting hall, a guest hall, a working room of the king and a “bed” of the king. The bed of the king stood for the rooms allocated only for the king. The trace of the palace is completely erased due to Persian invasion in Georgia as well as the construction of the Metekhi church.
The Palace in Tbilisi, Photo courtesy:

Tsinandali Palace
Tsinandali Palace, Photo courtesy:

Georgian used to call the residences of the noblemen as royal palaces. One of the most attractive palaces of the nobleman is located in Tsinandali, Kakheti (east region of Georgia). The Tsinandali Palace belonged to the 19th-century poet and military figure Alexander Chavchavadze. The Palace (which included a historic winery) used to be the estate of the nobleman. The house is surrounded by a beautiful, well-maintained garden while the palace itself serves as a museum about the Chavchavadze family.

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