Best low budget accommodations in Tbilisi
07 November, 2018
Best low budget accommodations in Tbilisi
Seven hostels are nominated for the Georgian National Tourism Awards. This “Oscar” of Georgian tourism industry is held since 2015. This year, the award ceremony will be held at the beginning of December in Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi. The award wants to promote tourism and hospitality industry in Georgia and increase creativity among the industry players.

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In total, there are 20 categories, one of them is “The
best value – low budget accommodation”. Here, we present you this year’s nominee in this category, which are all located in Tbilisi.

Envoy Hostel & Tours
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Located in the very heart of old Tbilisi, Envoy Hostel offers simply wooden-furnished dorms and private rooms. But according to the reviews on Tripadviser it is the rooftop terrace with a bar that they appreciate most about this hostel. Moreover, Envoy offers various cultural, wine, hiking and adventure tours all around Georgia.

Diwan Hostel
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Diwan Hostel is situated behind Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi’s main street with its elegant shops, cafes, theatre and opera. It distinguishes itself by great views over the city as well as with its special interior style in private rooms and shared spaces: A mix of new and old including a cozy fireplace for long conversations at night.

Hostel Pushkin 10
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Right beside the old town at the corner of Baratshvili Street and Pushkin Street, lays Hostel Pushkin. One of the things guests like about this accommodation is the unlimited pancakes that are served for breakfast in the morning. The whole hostel exudes a cozy, homelike atmosphere that is highly praised by visitors.

Art Gate Hostel
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Just on the other side of the street, there is the Art Gate Hostel. Just as the name indicates, the hostel is decorated in an artistic way. Guests appreciate the good location in the old town as well as the warm atmosphere as the hostel’s lounge, where you also get the chance to meet local people.

Hotel Tbilisi Central
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The only hotel that is nominated in this category is Hotel Tbilisi Central. Totally different in style, it has a modern businesslike atmosphere. The hotel is located on the 6th floor of the Tbilisi central station. It is also the location, guests appreciate most – besides the fast internet and good air-condition, which is definitely a plus during the hot Georgian summer.

Namaste Hostel
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After a steep climb up the hill, this quirky little hostel welcomes its guests with its warm and alternative atmosphere. Within an easy walking distance to the old town, Namaste Hostel offers artistic decoration and a priceless view over Tbilisi from its communal balcony.

Dvizh Hostel Eli Spali
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Near to the Rustaveli metro station, Dvizh Hostel charms its guests with its amazing yard where there is also a bar. Some visitors might be also intrigued by the playstation there. In this hostel, located in a family home, everything is spacious even the 8-bed dorms. Furthermore, each room is decorated in a different way.

Which of these seven places is going to win an award, will be announced the 3rd of December at the Georgian National Tourism Awards. Georgian Journal will report on the winner, so stay tuned!

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