Goderdzi winter resort- "white pearl" in Adjara, Georgia
19 November, 2018
Goderdzi winter resort-  "white pearl" in Adjara, Georgia
Georgian winter resorts attract numerous tourists all over the world. Goderdzi Pass is among the must-see winter resorts in Georgia. Unfortunately, not many people have heard about the venue. Goderdzi is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.027m (6,650ft) above the sea level located on the Arsiani Range also called as White Pearl in Adjara, the seaside region of Georgia.
goderdzi pass
Goderdzi winter resort, Photo courtesy: www.georgiantravelguide.com

Goderdzi, this serene place is a perfect choice to chill out when everyone’s
tired of noisy cities and breathing vehicle emissions. The construction of the resort has launched in 2011. Currently, there are two cables and two cottages operating in Goderdzi. Despite the 10-hour journey from Tbilisi to Goderdzi, tourists love to visit the venue. It is a favorite winter resort for the tourists from the US.
goderdzi pass
Goderdzi winter resort, Photo courtesy: www.imedinews.ge

Apart from breathtaking views and the beauty of Goderdzi, it is a unique place consisting of both sea and mountain climate. There is always a heavy fall of snow creating the best environment for a winter resort. The venue is steeped in the smell of pine trees that surround it. The combination of pine trees, the high mountain, heavy snowfall, and the mixed climate makes Goderdzi a must-visit winter resort in Georgia.
goderdzi pass
Goderdzi winter resort covered in "yellow" snow, Photo courtesy: www.reginfo.ge

It is also worth mentioning that tourists are able to observe Goderdzi Pass covered in “yellow” snow. When there is a strong wind blowing over the sea, the grains of the yellow sand are brought to Goderdzi pass.

First photo courtesy: www.georgiantravelguide.com

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