Skiing season in Gudauri opens on December 15th – and other details about the renovated winter resort
05 December, 2018
Skiing season in Gudauri opens on December 15th – and other details about the renovated winter resort
This year mountain ski resort Gudauri becomes 30 years old. Tourists, skiers and hikers will arrive in completely renewed resort. Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia funded several projects in Gudauri that are due to end soon. One of the main news is that 6 new and 1 renovated cable cars will be available this season, in 2018 and 2019.

It will be available to transport up to 5000 passengers per hour with the new cable cars.

Teimuraz Gamtsemlidze,
head of Mountain Resorts Development Company says that many pleasant surprises await to visitors in Gudauri this year.

“The new cable cars will increase carrying capacity of passengers and it will be much comfortable for tourists to ski there” – says Teimuraz Gamtsemlidze. “We have installed artificial snow making system. This will increase five times number of snowy slopes in Gudauri. There are three new cable cars connecting Gudauri to Kobi. Like this Gudauri, Kobi and Kazgebi will be eventually interconnected. We are going to test the new system, so these cable cars will be available to use only in good weather. Next year they will work regularly.”

Length of a cable car connecting Kobi to Gudauri is 7.5 kilometers. This new ropeway will be even more important in winter, when due to danger of avalanche Jvari mountain pass closes and the only way to get from one place to another is Helicopter. Now there will be an alternative for residents to use the new ropeway.

Teimuraz Gamcemlidze says that it will take from around 30 to 40 minutes to get from Gudauri to Kobi. Time also depends on what is the weather like.

“On the mountain pass we have installed one ropeway station that makes it possible for a cabin to switch from one rope to another so that passengers will not have to leave the cabin” – says another expert who works in Gudauri. “This is unique not only in Georgia, but in the South Caucasus region as well.”

Season at the winter resorts for 2018-2019 opens on the 8th of December. The first in the list is Goderdzi and Bakuriani resorts. Then comes Gudauri where season opens on the 15th of December. In Svaneti season opens on the 22nd of December.

Price for using cable cars increases this year. According to the Mountain Resorts Development Company from the 1st of December 2018 to the 10th of March 2019 price for a season ticket per day will be GEL 50, 10 GEL more than it was last year. Price for a season ticket per two days has increased from GEL 80 to 100. Price for a season ticket per three days has increased from GEL 112 to 140.

As for the price to use a cable car, it will be GEL 10.

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