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Imeretian vine species: Black Acorn
12 January, 2019
Georgia boasts more than 500 varieties of indigenous grapes, some of them are not found anywhere in the world. They include Rkatsiteli, Kikhvi, Kisi, Tsitska, Saperavi, Ojaleshi, Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli, Aladasturi, etc. One of the oldest Georgian vine species is Black Acorn from Imereti, the west region of Georgia.
Only several bush vines and vineyards of Black Acorn can be found in the region. According to the vine statistics of 1953, the Black Acorn 
vineyard occupied 250 hectares in total. Unfortunately, current statistics about the vine is not available.

Black Acorn belongs to the ecological and geographical vine group of Black Sea. Its heavy clusters are cone-cylinder in shape. Dark red grapes have a rough texture. This species of vine ripens late in the middle of October.
Black Acorn wines have a particular aroma and pink color. Apart from producing purely the Black Acron wine, they can be mixed with white species due to its light coloring.

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