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Full Moon captured by Georgian photographer Shermazana
20 February, 2019
The world met one of the most spectacular events of the year on the 19th of February. People all over the world could watch a Full Moon which is often called a Super Moon due to its enormous size and brightness. At full moon, the entire face of the Moon is lit up by the Sun's rays and it can be bright enough to light up d
ark nights. When the Moon is near its closest approach to Earth, it is called a Super Full Moon.

The breathtaking Moon phase was captured by a famous Georgian photographer Shermazana. The sight of the photo will leave you speechless. It reveals almost every nook and cranny of the moon. The photo was taken by Nikon D7200.
The Georgian photographer has always been inspired by the beauty of the full moon. There are photos in his collection reflecting the full moon over Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The old city Tbilisi, founded in the 5th century, been conquered by Roman, Arab, Turkish, Persian, Mongolian and other conquerors. Russia invaded Georgia in 1799 and remained there until the end of the Soviet era. All the different cultures have left their tinges on the development of the city.
Now Tbilisi boasts about its old, traditional and modern, newly developed architectural centers. The full moon over the city brightens up the spirit and gives a mysterious look to the atmosphere.

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