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Vladimer Apkhazava among Global Teacher Prize 2019 Top 10 Finalists
21 February, 2019
The Georgian teacher Vladimer Apkhazava was listed among the 10 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize 2019. The finalists were represented by the famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman on the 21st of February. The Global Teacher Prize is an annual event awarding exceptional teachers who make a significant contribution to their profession. The Georgian teacher won the Georgian National Teacher Prize 2017. Now he is among 10 international teachers fighting to become the winner of the prize $ 1 Million.

huge congratulations to Vladimer Apkhazava who has landed a place as a Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist.

His incredible work includes the set up of the “Democratic Revolution”, which aims to transform the running of the school into a series of processes similar to those of a real country.” – Global Teacher Prize official Facebook page writes about the successful Georgian teacher.
Vladimer Apkhazava winning the Georgian National Teacher Prize, Photo courtesy:

Vladimer Apkhazava is a civic teacher of a public school in the village of Chibati in Lanchkhuti Municipality (Guria, the western part of Georgia). He has been teaching at the school since 2010. In 2012, he established a “family House” in the village giving a home to 8 children (who have experienced domestic violence). The region is poor and the parents of many students have had to move to foreign countries for work. Moreover, many students had to leave school and move to Turkey in search of jobs.
Vladimer Apkhazava representing the project for developing tolerance and multiculturism, Photo courtesy:

One of his most interesting projects intended to spread tolerance and multiculturalism as the village unites different ethnic groups. What’s more, Vladimer pays particular attention to children’s rights and tries to work with various social services against children’s absence from school due to economic pressure.
Vladimer Apkhazava among Global Teacher Prize 2019 50 Finalists, Photo courtesy:

If awarded, Vladimer is going to help Georgian schools access modern technology and foreign language books. Besides, the Chibati schools do not provide cafeterias for students and he plans to solve the problem.

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