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Georgia among 20 Overlooked Countries Not Enough Americans Visit
28 February, 2019
Thrillist, a well-known American publication about food, drink, travel and entertainment named Georgia among 20 Overlooked Countries Not Enough Americans Visit. There are certain places in the world that always maintain the statuses of a top destination. The most popular destinations are famous for their food, drink, landscape, sights, etc. But the same attractions can be found in other parts of the world too. Travelling to an undiscovered place can be far more exciting and full of adventures.

"A spate of geopolitical
conflicts in the ‘90s and aughts scuppered the country’s once-thriving tourism industry, but in the last decade, Georgia has redefined itself, cracking down on crime, paving roads, building new airports, and promoting itself abroad. The most dangerous thing in Georgia these days? Chacha, the zillion-proof moonshine that locals will foist on you in the outdoor markets,” reads the article about Georgia.

Chacha is Georgian pomace brandy. It is liquid distilled from pomace that is left over from winemaking after the grapes are pressed. Apart from professional distillers, Chacha is produced with traditional techniques in every family of Georgian villages. The pomace is kept in Kvevri in winter. Then in spring, the pomace is distilled in a silver container on fire.
Georgian Khachapuri (cheese bread), folk dances, wine, and the Caucasus Mountains are the top things that await visitors in Georgia. There one must experience climbing up the Mount Kazbek to reach Gergeti Trinity Church built in the 14th century.

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