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Laboratory of Eshera – Secret Facility in Abkhazia That Remains a Mystery till Today
29 March, 2019
The truth about a cave located in Abkhazia and, presumably, housing Russian military base and a secret seismological laboratory, remains largely unknown to the public. The information about the Eshera Laboratory was not available even in the Communist era, that later led to the emergence of numerous myths, one of which is connected with an earthquake that occurred in Spitak, Armenia, in 1988, claiming as if it had been organized and managed from the Eshera Laboratory.

The laboratory was used only
for military purposes during the Soviet period in order to control the Middle East. As time passed by, its purpose changed and later it was used to develop tectonic weapons.
According to some other sources, the military base located in the cave, apart from the ammunition stored there, accommodated equipment capable of detecting the movement of military vehicles within a radius of 1500 km. The Middle East was the major focus of Soviet authorities at that time.

In those years, above mentioned observations and works were conducted by 25 officers of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

For years, it was alleged that the earthquakes in Racha, Georgia and Spitak, Armenia, occurred due to the continuous experiments on tectonic weapons technology in the laboratory.

“This is a seismic laboratory that studies the tension of the earth’s crust. If the studies find that an area necessitates certain stimulation, it is possible to provoke it from a long distance” – wrote geologists, but seismologists disapprove of this assumption claiming it was disinformation and it was unrealistic to cause an earthquake from the Eshera Laboratory.

Russian blogger and photographer Vladimir Mulder visited occupied Abkhazia and the Eshera Laboratory at the beginning of 2019. “Abandoned Laboratory” – is the title of his photo blog in which the surface of the Laboratory is captured.

“Searching for facilities in Abkhazia has been complicated lately. The places charted on the map are either empty or destroyed, filled with disposable syringes… as for the spot which is the most important – it is uncharted or covered with jungles so that no entry is visible - or is filled with garbage that nobody is going to pay any attention”. The blogger writes.
One of the photos shows an event hall, where, according to the blogger, probably the last meeting was held. Another photo shows a document and the date on it is January 2007; hence the assumption that the facility was functioning in 2007.

Mr. Irakli Chachava, who fought in the Georgian-Abkhazian war, recalls the reaction and resistance displayed by Russians whenever the Georgian forces attempted to access the Laboratory:

“In the 1990s, all our attempts to access the site were fiercely resisted and abruptly terminated by the Russians… I don’t want to speak on behalf of others, but Eshera military base was guarded by Russian soldiers, of course, they were equipped better than us and seemed to have received strict order – not to let us near the destination.
Though, I have to admit that there was also a psychological effect of knowing that it was a mysterious facility alleged to have been used to design and regulate the earthquake in Spitak and many more calamities, no one knew what was really happening ….” Says Mr. Chilachava.

According to some sources, Eshera seismological laboratory, which is a military base at the same time, still functions and is controlled by the Russians, though, it is hard to say how well it works… a former member of the staff at the Eshera laboratory, who chose to remain anonymous, in his interview with AMBEBI.GE, claims that he used to work at the upper first level and was not allowed to go down to the cave.
As he says, asking questions was strictly prohibited there and that is why he cannot be a 100% sure that the information he shares with us is true as he heard it quite by chance, including the assumption, that a mock-up of the laboratory and operational instructions were protected at „Zagorsk 7“ a secret zone near Moscow. Though he presumes it might have as well been part of Soviet propaganda.

According to the same person, in the early 1990s, there were some talks about a general renovation of the laboratory, though, then the war started and he doesn’t have any information about the developments that followed.
According to official information, during the Soviet period, the mysterious laboratory in Eshera worked under the auspices of the Institute of Geophysics located in Moscow; and the research in and testing of tectonic weapons was led by Alexander Nikolayev.

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