Get to know Georgian Inventor Students travelling to NASA Space Center
12 April, 2019
Get to know Georgian Inventor Students travelling to NASA Space Center
Sophio Chikhladze (Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy), Mariam Gamrekelashvili, Giorgi Rigishvili, Aleksandre Kajaia (School AIA-GESS) and Iona Iobidze (Kutaisi School Progress) are inventor students from Georgia. The young inventors are creators of the project “Barney’s Smart Labyrinth” that took the first place at the Millennium Innovation Competition.
The winner team referred to as “Oberton” will visit NASA Space Center in the US and participate in the NASA educational program this summer.

PM Mamuka Bakhtadze meeting with the inventor students

Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime
Minister of Georgia hosted the team and congratulated them on the achievement and stressed the most significant role of the youth in advancing the country.
"It is particularly gratifying for me that our youth is winning in the contest of innovative ideas. We have a unique talent in Georgia and your success is yet another clear example of this" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia in addressing the young inventors.

Barney’s Smart Labyrinth

The project is aimed at automating the observation and research process. Barney's Smart Labyrinth is designed to help scientists in evaluating animals' spatial vision and memory during laboratory experiments. The project saves human time and assists in getting more accurate results. Barney’s Smart Labyrinth creates new possibilities to explore the effects of medication on memory.

Young inventors comment on their project

“Davit Songulashvili, our mentor introduced us to each other at the Leonardo Da Vinci contest 2017. We have common interests that have brought us closer together,” says Iona Iobidze.

According to Sophio Chikhladze, they came across the laboratory Barney’s Smart Labyrinth at the Agricultural University of Georgia. As the scientists have to experiment for long hours, the young inventors decided to ease their work.

Aleksandre Kajaia says that their device places a rat in the heart of a table, observes, records and prints out all the necessary date about the trajectory and time of its movements at the click of a button.
“Till today the scientists had to draw the trajectory path, set the time and carry out the routine work manually,” says Mariam Gamrekelashvili.

Their successful project became the winner of the Millennium Innovation Competition and Giorgi Rigishvili’s dream to visit NASA Space Center actually came true.

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