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Tbilisi’s Architectural Revival
08 May, 2019
Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia is distinguished by a number of features making the city a unique combination of a modern and old. The old part of the city attracts both tourists and the locals since the city architecture reflects the country’s rich history. Old Tbilisi is characterized by cobbled stoned streets with wooden balconies and old courtyards coupled with art novae buildings. On the other hand, Modern Tbilisi is full of extraordinary constructions. Monocle has recently dedicated a film to
the architecture in Tbilisi. Monocle's original documentaries and slideshows on current affairs, business, culture and design around the world.

Tbilisi’s architectural revival from Monocle Films on Vimeo.

The Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic built a phenomenal number of ideological monuments during its existence from 1936 until 1991.Georgia’s Soviet monuments were characterized by themes of Soviet historicism - stars, fists and Red Army soldiers, though by the 1970s and into the 1980s, this formalism would give way to new and often abstract works of modernism. A significant number of Soviet-era monuments in Tbilisi have already been removed, while others are still standing.

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