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Matador Network: Why you need to see Tbilisi before everybody else
10 May, 2019
Matador Network published an article “Why you need to see Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, before everybody else” two days ago. The author of the article Lieselot De Brauwer introduces the capital of Georgia Tbilisi by emphasizing its rich history and a fusion of cultures. Tbilisi still remains unknown to many people around the world but it is slowly becoming a hot destination. Lieselot De Brauwer presents a list of things to experience in Tbilisi. Here are some of them:

money goes a long way
– Tbilisi has various things to do in a day. You can stroll in Rike Park and old streets or take a cable car to reach the Narikala Fortress for the amazing view of the city. You should eat as much food as you can in Tbilisi.

The architecture is quirky and awesome – Tbilisi now is a mixture of different styles of architecture starting from small houses with colorful balconies and historical buildings finishing up with futuristic constructions in the modern part of the capital.

The people are welcoming
– Georgians are one of the warmest and most welcoming people in Europe. Homestays is the best chance to connect with them. Bars and cafes in Tbilisi are other ways to get more about the folks here.
Serov Aleksei

They love their chacha… - If you go for a homestay in Tbilisi, you will probably be invited to drink their home-made brandy Chacha. The Georgian people love this local brew and sometimes even serve it at breakfast.

Every meal is a feast – it is impossible for a visitor to overlook the fact that Georgian meals include more dishes that can physically fit on the table. The folks here are crazy about cheese. Their signature dish Khachapuri is made of bread and cheese. The other popular dish is Khinkali, a Georgian dumpling with various fillings meat, mushroom, potato, cheese, etc.
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