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Georgia and Ukraine have nothing in common when it comes to traveling
16 May, 2019
Kyiv Post has recently devoted an article to Georgia. The article “World Traveler: Georgia offers ancient churches, cheap wine, bad driving” reviews what Georgia offers tourists. The author Oleksiy Sorokin starts the article by saying that Georgia and Ukraine have nothing in common when it comes to traveling. Meanwhile, the countries have the same goal to become the part of the European Union and NATO and protest against military aggression from Russia.

“Georgia provides visitors with a memorable experience as there
are plenty of beautiful landmarks, historical sites, delicious food, and explicitly bad driving,” read the article.

The journey to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia starts at an airport where taxi drivers try to draw the tourists’ attention. They would first offer high price for the drive but after 5 minutes of quarreling, they would cut down.

One of the major attractions in the capital is Old Tbilisi, a beautiful historic neighborhood where street vendors are selling spices and carpets. There are also various restaurants in this part of the city that offer the whole range of Georgian dishes, for example, traditional Georgian cuisine – khachapuri, a type of cheese-filled bread, khinkali, Georgian dumplings with meat and broth, chakhokhbil, stewed chicken with tomatoes and fresh herbs. The price of the food is quite affordable in Tbilisi.

“One of the best views of Old Tbilisi, with its narrow streets and rusty houses, opens from the fourth-century Narikala fortress, which lies on a hill and requires patience to withstand the hour-long line to the cable car connecting the Rika Park to the fortress.”

According to the article, traffic regulations do not quite work in Georgia. But those who want to risk driving, the best choice would be Mtskheta a 40-minute drive from Tbilisi. The city that served as the Georgian capital from as early as the 4th century B.C., comes with truly breathtaking scenery, ancient markets, medieval churches and lots of carpets.

The author also mentions that although Georgia is one of the least corrupt countries in the region, delicious food and picturesque sights cannot overshadow disparity and poverty.

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