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4 reasons why Georgia should be your next destination by Ftnnews
17 May, 2019
Ftnnews, a website about traveling has recently published an article about why Georgia should be travelers’ next destination. The article ‘Why the Republic of Georgia should be your next destination?’ reviews four major reasons to visit Georgia. The author Özgür Töre starts talking about Georgia by saying that Georgia, a small country in the south Caucasus is often mixed up with the state Georgia in the USA. Georgia the country is characterized as ‘A melting pot of Western and Eastern civilizations’.
4 reasons why Georgia should be on your travel list:

Summer & Winter vacation combined

Georgia is famous for its winter resorts in the mountains to the north. They are one of the best places for skiing and snowboarding lovers. Meanwhile, Georgia is also distinguished by its wonderful natural landscapes and a seaside beach. In Adjara, a southwestern part of Georgia, one can enjoy high mountains and Black sea beach in a single day.
Your adventure in the Georgia Las Vegas

Batumi, a seaside city in Adjara is often labeled as Georgia’s Las Vegas due to its amazing stony beaches and numerous 5-star Hotels and Casinos.

‘In fact, Batumi has been included in the play casino online 2019 list of best cities to visit for players.’

Foodies beware

Georgia dishes are well-known around the world. Georgian cuisine can be described in 3 words: wine, cheese, and pastry. Apart from eating Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) and Khinkali (Georgian dumpling), one should experience unique wine flavors.
Budget travel

The only expensive part of the trip to Georgia is flights, otherwise, the country is the cheapest in the world.

‘Getting an apartment for a night in Tbilisi, the capital costs approximately $25, near the center nonetheless. Hostels usually charge between $30-$35 a night, and transportation is virtually free. A meal for 4 people can cost as little as $40 in a Georgian Restaurant,’ reads the article.

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