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Visit Turtle Lake via the renovated cable car
24 May, 2019
If you are in Tbilisi and looking for a quiet place surrounded by the greenery, Georgian Journal will show you a perfect option. Tbilisi offers two aerial cable cars to its visitors: the cable car which goes from Rike Park to Narikala Fortress and the second ropeway between Vake Park and Turtle Lake. Rika Park and Narikala are well-known destinations for tourists and both places are always crowded and noisy. The cable car to Turtle Lake was reopened in 2016 after
being suspended since 2009 and is not that popular among visitors.
Turtle Lake is located on the wooded northern slope of Mtatsminda Mount at an elevation of 686.7 m above sea level and fed by a small river Varazis-Khevi, a tributary to the Mtkvari (Kura). The lake is surrounded by cafes, benches, and trees. It is a nice place for picnic lovers, cyclists, families and those who enjoy small boat trips on a lake.
Traveling from the ropeway station at Vake Park up to the lake, one can enjoy a beautiful view over Tbilisi. The cable car was built in 1965, suspended in 2009 and reopened in 2016. The current model of the ropeway is similar to its very first look, each gondola carries 10-12 passengers including a permanent escort. The cars are adapted for persons with disabilities and have a special bicycle hanger.

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