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Georgia among Eid Al Fitr destinations
27 May, 2019
Where to mark Eid Al Firt? This is the question many of the residents of the Arabian countries will ask themselves as soon as Ramadan is over. Well, one media outlet has already answered this question and named Georgia among possible destinations to mark the day.

The National put Georgia in a list of countries like Belgium and India.

“Nightlife, dining and arts scene” are named as must see in Tbilisi.

The National is not the only media outlet that advices
people to visit Georgia. T3 Smart Travelling published a list of must see countries in 2019. 8 of the best adventure travel destinations for 2019 provided by T3 are Georgia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Madeira, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Uzbekistan, and Canada.

“Tbilisi combines the winding lanes, historic architecture and 4th Century Narikala hill fort of a bygone era, with revamped museums, humming cafés and buzzing nightlife. Adventure starts in the mountains, though, and Georgia has mountains to rival any in the world.” – reads the article about Georgia.

For those who like nightlife there is lot more to experience.

Apart from beautiful landscapes, ancient culture, wine and landmarks, Georgia is also famous for its nightlife and clubbing culture in Eastern Europe. Many visitors who are eager to explore Tbilisi’s nightlife look for places where they both can have fun and see how Georgians party. So here we offer to you the list of top clubs in Tbilisi where one can enjoy Tbilisi night life and rave till the morning to the quality electronic music of different genres. It is noteworthy, that these clubs offer stage to both popular and less known Georgian djs as well as organize awesome events and host world-recognized musicians from all over the world.

Check out the list of top venues in Tbilisi here.

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