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Why Georgia? – Photographer Eddy Li speaks about his experience
17 June, 2019
As the number of tourists coming to Georgia rises, so does the number of international photographers. They enjoy untouched nature in the mountains, blend of modern and classic architecture in Tbilisi and vibrant life in the country. Recently, Georgian Journal spoke with photographer Eddy Li, who shared his experience with us.

How did you like Georgia? Did it live up to your expectations?

I like it very much! I’d say the trip was beyond expectation – there are so many meaningful
sites and beautiful views in a relatively small country.

You've been and seen many countries. Is there something that makes Georgia distinguished?

As the place of origin of Central Asian civilization, the country has lots of precious heritages passed along through generations, most of which are well preserved and gorgeous.
Interior of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta
Interior of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta

From your professional point of view, what would you advise to other photographers who travel to Georgia?

I think the city view of Tbilisi is not to be missed. If you can spare a few more days, Mtskheta and Signagi are the two places I’d recommend, with the former full of historical buildings and the latter being a peaceful town which is perfect for leisure.

Which place impressed you the most in Georgia?

Above all is definitely capital Tbilisi. I love how modern buildings and historical constructions set each other off beautifully.

You've taken many photos in the country. Which one is the most valuable for you and why?

The photo of Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi was my favorite. The timing was just right when I took that photo. The sunlight has certainly added luster to the amazing construction complex.
Front side of yard of Sameba (Holy Trinity) Cathedral in Tbilisi

Photo courtesy: Eddy Li

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