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How "Spend Your Summer in Georgia" campaign started?
28 June, 2019
The group includes around 207 000 members of Facebook and it has been only couple of days since the campaign was launched. The campaign was started by 5 friends and nobody could think that they would achieve nationwide fame in a matter of days. What are future plans of the campaign? The team spoke with Georgian Journal about their experience and plans.

What made you to start campaign Spend Your Summer in Georgia?

- The campaign was launched just right after
the political events that caused the ban of flights between Russia and Georgia. As it generated the shockwave among the citizens, five of us (Nini Mtchedlishvili, Keta Goletiani, Mari Jobava, Mariam Gujabidze, and Nini Noghashvili) decided to start a campaign among our foreigner friends to attract them and make them visit our country this summer. Our main aim was to highlight the role of tourism within our country and to represent Georgia most effectively and positively.

How large was an outcry from the Facebook users?

- As we created the group, the number of members drastically increased and that made us set out the strategic plan and organize the data. About an overnight the number when from 5 to 10000 members and at this moment we have just reached 200,000.

Are foreigners involved in the campaign?

- To make the campaign work, it was crucial to get foreigners involved in it. At the moment there are around 65,000 foreigners. According to our group insights Germany, United States, and Ukraine are in the top three countries presented within the group and, moreover, out of the top 10 active members of the group 6 are foreigners.

What is your Primary target?

- As we launched the campaign, we have set two goals – to develop and advance the touristic potential of Georgia and, besides, to create an information and recommendation hub for foreigners. Thus, foreigners from all around the world represent our main target group.

Do you plan to continue the campaign after summer? Like spend your autumn in Georgia?

- There have been a lot of suggestions in terms of continuing the campaign, but at this point, our initiative group is focused on maximizing the involvement of foreigners within the campaign and attracting them, to support the summer tourism in Georgia.

How do you plan to develop the campaign and include as many foreigners as possible?

- We have set a strategy to involve all social media dimensions to outreach as many foreigners as possible. We are cooperating with famous Georgian photographers and videographers (including Shermazana, Alex Aptsiauri, Zura Kartvelishvili), hence, we will be provided with one of the best digital contents and will be able to share on different social media platforms. Besides, we have set the hashtag #spendyoursummeringeorgia that has become a campaign motto and will ease the search of information for foreigners on the internet.

What do you think possible results will be? Any long term targets?

- We do believe that the outcome of this campaign will be huge as, on the one hand, it will raise awareness about Georgia among the foreigners, and, on the other hand, it will introduce our country to the world in a positive way. We think that this campaign may positively affect hospitality culture and
develop the different dimensions of tourism.

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