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Russian tourist in Batumi explains why Russians should not come to Georgia
02 July, 2019
It has been more than a week since demonstrations have started in Tbilisi and are held daily. Soon, from July 8 flights from Russia to Georgia will be temporarily abolished. Many Russians will be affected and will not be able to visit Georgia, one of their favourite destination.

One Russian tourist in Batumi, Alexey Kascheev tells compatriots why they should not go to Georgia.
“We are in Batumi for the sixth day, and I fully support the decision of our wise
emperor to save compatriots. I see with my own eyes that a lot of dangers threaten Russians in Georgia:

One can die by eating too much Khachapuri, catch pancreatitis by drinking too much Chacha, or drown in the sea after drinking white wine.

A separate difficulty for a Russian person is that it is impossible to spend money here normally, since compared to Moscow standards, one cannot say that everything is cheap, but simply free.

It is insulting that Black Sea Mullus is 5-7 times cheaper here than in Sochi, although the Mullus is not a Stanford University professor whose value rises sharply by crossing the state border.

Russophobia is also observed in real estate: for example, first-line apartments that we rent cost about as much as a toilet in an average Moscow apartment. It is clear that this state of affairs is intended to offend the national feelings of the Russians and is inspired, according to Sergei Gavrilov, by English-speaking instructors. And the opinion of this Member of Duma must be trusted, because he is an Orthodox Communist, and, therefore, a non-banal person.

In the photo, Konstantin asks to close the direct flight with Georgia as soon as possible, because the Minsk airport is his favorite.”

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