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Svaneti – the most untouched place by the outside world
05 July, 2019
French photographer Julien Pebrel traveled to Georgia last summer. He visited Svaneti, sitting in the southern Greater Caucasus mountain range. When Julien observed Mount Shkhara, Georgia’s highest Mountain while waking up Ushguli, Europe’s highest continually inhabited settlements, and a Unesco World Heritage site, nature took his breath away.

According to the article published by Financial Times, Svaneti is the most intact place in the world. The author Neil Buckley writes about the French photographer’s experience in Georgia. Julien Pebrel  admits that
the ancient culture in Svaneti is fragile afflicted by tourism.

He characterizes Georgia as a mixture of “natural beauty, relics of the pre-1991 era when the country was part of the Soviet Union and of its economic difficulties in the early post-Soviet years.”

Georgia tries to be independent after being under the influence of the Persian, Ottoman and Russian empires. Georgian-Russian relation remains unstable and tough to this day. Although 1.2 million Russians visited last year, the Kremlin cut off flights to Georgia again in June after protests against a speech by a Moscow MP in the Tbilisi parliament.
Enguri River is 213 kilometers long, originates in northeastern Svaneti near the region of Racha and plays an important role in providing hydroelectric power to the area

In response to the ban and the possible threats to the Georgian tourism industry, Georgian activists together with businessmen and international society have launched the campaign ‘Spend Your Summer in Georgia’. The campaign aims at popularizing Georgia as a travel destination to tackle the possible difficulties due to the decreased number of incoming Russian tourists. Besides, Russian tourists have encouraged their Georgian friends by saying that they will find other ways to reach Georgia.

“Despite his misgivings about the impact of tourism in Svaneti, Pebrel says Georgia offers much to travelers: “It’s the most welcoming country that I have visited.”

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