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Abudelauri Colorful Lakes – Magical Place to See In Georgia
23 July, 2019
A Magical, mysterious place, home of the Khevsuretian Gods, with a view of spectacular Chiukhi Mountain, The Abudelauri lakes are situated in the Dusheti Municipality, north of the eastern part of the Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2812 m. in the alpine zones. Abudelauri’s colorful lakes come from glaciers. There are three of them: a green, a white and a blue lake. From three sides the lakes are surrounded by the mountains, making the view even more spectacular.
Abudelauri Colorful
Lakes is a land far away from civilization, hidden from the outside world. Nowhere else in Georgia will you find a place which feels so mysterious, unique and magical—a place where ancient pagan traditions survive.
Here you can get closer to the interesting history of the Khevsurs – people who despite becoming Christians in middle ages, till this day strongly believe in pagan deities. This is a land of unique songs, cuisine, incredible nature and proud people who despite intensive depopulation were able to preserve their own identity. It is definitely worth visiting to feel the mystery of Khevsureti.
Photo courtesy: Eto Purtskhvanidze

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