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Forbes: “Georgia (The Country) Is On Everyone’s Mind”
30 July, 2019
Forbes, an American business magazine, has recently published an article about Georgia. According to the article “Georgia (The Country) Is On Everyone’s Mind Thanks To This Viral Facebook Group”, the Facebook group “Spend Your Summer In Georgia” launched by five Georgians have made everyone think about the country.

“With more than 275,000 members to date, I can’t scroll through my Facebook feed without being taunted by the deliciousness of khinkali, mesmerized by the beauty of traditional Georgian dance, or teased into
dropping everything to hike my way through Georgia’s incredibly diverse countryside (#thestruggleisreal),” reads the article.

The article introduces the readers to the ways to put their dreams about traveling to Georgia into practice.

Caucasian mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and various hiking regions await tourists in Georgia. In order to get familiar with the life of the Georgian countryside and shepherding, one is advised to experience Georgia via horse-riding.

“From the landscapes of Kazbegi and the disputed area of Abkhazia to the abandoned Soviet-era buildings of Tskaltubo, James Kerwin’s eye for capturing the raw and natural beauty of Georgia is unmatched.”
The Katskhi pillar
The Katskhi Pillar in the village of Katskhi in the western Georgian region of Imereti, near the town of Chiatura

Georgia’s Soviet past is felt in almost every part of the country. The Soviet architecture survivals will make your journey to Georgia very interesting. Meanwhile, you should not leave Georgia without familiarizing yourself with traditional dishes such as Khachapuri, Khinkali, and Georgian wine.

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