Four seasons are not enough! - Well known campaign takes new turn
02 October, 2019
Four seasons are not enough! - Well known campaign takes new turn
The online campaign #spendyoursummeringeorgia was extended to four seasons. And it will keep growing, as Keta Goletiani, one of the founders explains.

Keta Goletiani, #spend4seasonsingeorgia has in the meantime over 285’000 followers that are very active. That’s a lot of work isn’t it?

The project really could be a full-time job. Meanwhile there are four of us who are actively working on the project and we have twenty friends who are helping us in running and administering the group -
verifying the postings, sorting out bots and bullies. We are still being approached by many different media and by a lot of private companies who would like to collaborate. It really is a lot of work. But the main part of it is done by our community, who continue sharing their experiences as well as providing recommendations for tourists.

Are you never afraid that your community will get tired of all the questions coming in?

Not really! Because Georgian hospitality is not just about inviting foreigners for a glass of wine. Georgians really love to help people, give them advice or make suggestions about where they could go, what they could do. By the way, many Georgians themselves get to know their country better and learn about new places.
Following the Russian ban on direct flights to Georgia Keta Goletiani and four friends decided to take action. They wanted to convince their international friends to come to Georgia and therefore started the #spendyoursummeringeorgia campaign.

You have extended #spendyoursummeringeorgia to #spend4seasonsingeorgia. Where will this campaign go from here?

Even though the social network is the primary space for the campaign to work, we are also thinking about creating a more sustainable platform beside the group on Facebook where we can promote and implement projects on a wider and larger scale. A website providing tourists with useful tips and recommendations for itineraries, for example. I don’t want to give things away, but we have some really good ideas. We want to involve more and more stakeholders, for example, students as well as Georgians living abroad, who could promote the country. We also want to engage more with private companies because we believe that the assistance from the private sector is vital for a sustainable development of the tourism industry, and we could have a lot more influence with a joint effort in this area. We hope that we can have an influence, for example, on quality development and skill building. But all this takes time.

Sounds like a lot of work. What makes you confident that your community will follow you on these new paths?

The whole campaign is a good example of a successful civic movement. We Georgians have the strong desire to promote our country, which, in the longer term, will benefit the economy, and each and every citizen. Moreover, our campaign has largely promoted a culture of social responsibility in the country. I really think our campaign can play an important role.

By Valerie Wacker

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